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What is a Corporate Club Partner Agency? In order to provide more effective and quality service to the corporate customers that form such a critical part of the aviation industry, as of January 1st, 2014 the Corporate Club Partner Agency (TCC PA) program was established. Authorized corporate clients to the Turkish Corporate Club program have the authorization to perform ticketing and all related services that fall within the program as Corporate Club Partner Agencies.

The Advantages of TCC PA

As a Corporate Club Partner Agency:

  • May be authorized by TCC corporate members,
  • May reach out to new markets,
  • May create new collaborations,
  • Enlarge both your turnover and your market share.

Also in the upcoming months with the soon-to-open TCC PA portal, you'll be able to perform reporting and see updates to your Program membership. If you're not yet a TCC PA, please contact tcc.support@thy.com*.

*Only agencies with IATA membership are eligible for TCC PA.