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Country Number of Turkish Airlines Corporate Club cards Number of Turkish Airlines Corporate Club cards


0-49.999 -
50.000-99.999 1
100.000-149.999 2
150.000-199.999 3
200.000-249.999 4
250.000-299.999 5
300.000-349.999 6
350.000-399.999 7
400.000-449.999 8
450.000-499.999 9

Only the organizations, registered to Turkish Airlines Corporate Club Smart program from Turkey, can benefit from the card advantage. 

Turkish Airlines Corporate Club card can be requested by or on behalf of real persons employed in your firm. Cards cannot be requested for common use. 

By submitting the card number or the card, the card owners can enter the Turkish Airlines Lounge İstanbul Departures at the International Terminal with one guest in their international flights. 

In international flights departing Turkey, the card owners can check-in from the Business counter by submitting their cards even when they have economy class tickets. 

The card advantage is not available in domestic flights. 

Only available in Turkish Airlines flights. 

If you are entitled to card ownership after each membership renewal, you can make your card request on the corporate website. 

Card ownership right is not defined at the first year of membership. 

Card ownership will not be defined in case the flight expenditure of your previous membership term (excluding taxes) is below 50,000 TL.

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